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New Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 Review

. New Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 Review

Toyota Land Cruiser 2019

This year there was a re-staging of the crossover Toyota Land Cruiser, the presentation of which took place in September at the motor show of the famous city of Frankfurt. The novelty has acquired a more sophisticated body, an interesting interior of the cabin and original accessories.

If the exterior has changed not particularly, then in the cabin of the Japanese SUV after the second restyling there have been significant modifications. The central place is occupied by a modern multifunctional console with a color display measuring 4.2 inches.

The driver’s zone is equipped with a modern steering wheel, the dashboard has all conceivable options, besides for management it will not be necessary to spend time for studying. The placement of the help buttons guarantees ease of operation, just touching the display with a finger. The instrument panel has acquired a smooth outline, interior trim is carried out only high-quality materials.

Such a chic car just can not do without a lot of bells and whistles and fashionable chips. The crossover of 2019 has a new heating system and apart from the standard heating of seats, steering wheel and mirrors, the car has got the heated windshield, engine and electric heater of the cabin.

Three-zone climate control inside the cabin and climate determination overboard; Mirrors have the ability to descend while driving in reverse; Automatic heating and ventilation of seats in the front row;

Three versions of the engine have been developed for the crossover:


– the engine volume of 2.7 liters with 4 cylinders, power 163 horsepower, torque 246 Nm, a five-speed gearbox;

– an atmospheric engine with a volume of 4 liters, a power of 282 horsepower, a torque of 381 Nm and an automatic six-speed box;


– turbocharged diesel of 2.8 liters, 177 horsepower, 420 Nm of torque and a six-speed transmission.


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