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New 2019 Volvo V50 Review

. New 2019 Volvo V50 Review

New 2019 Volvo V50 Review

The Swedish wagon Volvo V50 2019 can be called a relative of the Volvo S40 sedan, these models are very similar to each other. But, apparently, there are differences that allow Swedes to position the station wagon not as “performance in another body”, but as a separate model.

The radiator grille has acquired a sporty look, and the car has become more expressive and sporty, the material from which the grill is made is ABS plastic. The “nests” of the fogs have acquired a rectangular appearance, previously they were rounded. The lining of the headlights became lighter in a few tones.

The lines of the rear part of the car harmoniously pass into the smooth lines of the bonnet, and the well-located engine leaves a lot of room in the cabin. As well as it is necessary to cars of such type, in the Volvo V50 2019 interior can easily be transformed. Back seatbacks, which are divided into 2 sections, are easy to fold, forming a flat surface. In addition, the surface, which form the seats, is formed on a level with the luggage compartment, thereby forming a huge flat area for loading. An elegant interior of the car was appreciated by many motorists. Personal things can be placed behind the front console, access to which from both sides. The front console can be of various designs at will of the car enthusiast, which makes it possible to adapt the interior of the Volvo V50 to your liking.

The basic console IcedAqua is transparent, through which all electronics are visible. For exquisite natures, a dark wood panel is suitable.

Volvo V50 2019 – only the petrol version of the station wagon is available, which is equipped with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, the power of which is up to 145 liters. from. and is aggregated with a 6-step “robot” or 1.6-liter output of 100 hp. with 5MKPP.


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