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New 2019 Opel Adam Review

. New 2019 Opel Adam Review
  •    Opel
  •    January 12, 2018
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New 2019 Opel Adam Review

In the segment of city compact small cars there is not much variety, and good cars can be counted on the fingers. Opel Adam 2019 applies to the latter: good, quality and attractive.

Opel Adam got a pretty nice and stylish appearance: a smiling muzzle with neatly squinting headlights, a verified profile, dynamic stamps, daring wheels and a “cheerful” fodder with pendant lanterns. Opel Adam body has a two-tone color with a wide variety of options, and the boot lid is provided with a unique touch-sensitive opening button in the class, neatly hidden behind the manufacturer’s logo.

No less stylish looks and interior of the 4-seat interior of Opel Adam. Everything is decorated rather attractive, ergonomics is at the modern level, but there is not enough free space on the second row, adults will definitely be cramped here. The main trump card of Opel Adam hatchback saloon is a two-tone color and wide possibilities for individualization, and the list of available options causes respect.

Opel Adam received three versions of the gasoline power plant. 4-cylinder in-line atmospheric A14XEL with a working volume of 1.4 liters delivers 85 hp.

The upgraded version of the A14XER for the same volume is capable of already 100 hp. power, but at the same time the torque remains at the level of the previous 130 Nm.

And, finally, the turbocharged 1,0-liter 3-cylinder unit 1.0L produces 115 hp. capacity, differing at the same time with the most economical fuel consumption – only 3.5 liters. Both atmospheres in the base are aggregated with a 5-step “mechanics”, while an optional 5-band “robot” is available for the 85-strong variant, and the turbo engine received a non-alternative 6-step “mechanics” as a checkpoint.


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