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New 2019 Lincoln Continental Review

. New 2019 Lincoln Continental Review

New 2019 Lincoln Continental Review

The brand new Continental 2019 will claim the title of the most luxurious car that was created in America. Therefore, the manufacturer is confident that this fact will provide an opportunity to compete with other popular sedans.

The exterior of the American in the new body is impressive: the lines are stylish, and the forms are fantastically solid. Inspecting, involuntarily you understand that the car looks exquisitely, but on the other – restrained, charismatic and athletic. The sculptural front is a hood, elevated above the wings and a radiator grille, which is adorned with a chrome net.

Head optics are represented by MatrixLED headlamps with laser assistant function. The task of the latter is to regulate the direction and power of the luminescence. Behind, we can see the LED garland, which is located on the entire width of the body.

In the profile can be traced the classic proportions of the body and a long hood. The doors are powerful, and the roof line is as flat as possible.

The salon is four-seater. The ceiling is satin. The floor is covered with woolen rugs. The instrument panel is trimmed with pink gold. Lighting salon Continental 2019 in the new body of LED. The space between the seats from the back is filled with a table for placing the tablets. There is also a place where you can store glasses and champagne. Armchairs are electrically adjustable in 15 positions, with heating and ventilation. Behind the door are electric. Very nice looks roof-panorama Smart Glass, which has a hatch. There is a four-zone climate control. Multimedia – MyLincoln Touch. Pleases the presence of surveillance cameras and Park Assistant, which will help find a parking spot and park high quality.

The under hood space is planned to fill three-liter V6EcoBoost, which will be fueled by gasoline. Such an aggregate will be capable of producing 350-440 hp. The work will be done with a six-speed mechanics.

Approximate cost of the car will be approximately 60.8 thousand dollars.


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