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New 2019 Infiniti QX50 Review

. New 2019 Infiniti QX50 Review

New 2019 Infiniti QX50 Review

The average Japanese crossover, which was previously sold under the name Infiniti EX, and now it was renamed Infiniti QX50 2019 and introduced as a new car. Externally, the model has not changed much and by technical characteristics it remains practically the same.

The design of the car has been updated for the better, now the car looks more modern and attractive. Most of the changes occurred in the front. A new chrome grille was installed, which is made in the form of honeycombs.

The hood is embossed, and also it is slightly inflated, which gives the model more solidity. The crossover also got a new optics, in shape it remained the same, but the filling changed. Now the car has lenticular optics, with LED stuffing. If you look at the car from the side, you can detect much less changes. The model began to look more solid, thanks to new lines and chrome overlays on the thresholds. Wheel arches have become more bloated, and now they have new disks. Now only one type of motor is offered, unlike the previous generation, but this is only in our country, in other countries it is offered a car with 2 units in the line.

This is an atmospheric unit with 6 cylinders and a V-shaped distribution, which, with a volume of 2.5 liters, produces 222 horsepower.The second Infiniti QX50 engine is exactly the same, but with a volume of 3.7 liters and a capacity of 325 forces. Both units are paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission that transmits torque to all wheels, but in the case of a second engine, there can only be a rear.

The car interior is very attractive and prestigious. It is made of leather or fabric and the buyer is able to choose the color of the skin. The steering wheel has 3 spokes and a set of buttons for controlling the multimedia system, behind the wheel is a beautiful blue-backlit instrument cluster.


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