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New 2019 Honda Clarity Review

. New 2019 Honda Clarity Review

New 2019 Honda Clarity Review

Hydrogen fuel cells – one of the options for replacing the expensive batteries of electric vehicles. They themselves produce electricity, and replenish the supply of hydrogen can be in only 5-10 minutes. This technology is developed mainly by Japanese automakers. The first production hydrogen car is the Honda FCX Clarity 2019 model year.

The design is dominated by faces and corners. It has an arch shaped roof and a high window line. LED headlights are made with C-shaped, and on top of them they cover chrome “eyebrows”, which form a thin molding. The front bumper is completed with a neat air intake. Like its predecessor, the rear part is slightly elevated, and the glass consists of two sections and is separated by a spoiler. On the edges of the body are large lanterns.

In furnish of interior ecologically pure materials – synthetic leather and suede are used. The three-spoke steering wheel and part of the switches are familiar by the same Honda Accord. Instrument panel – digital: all indications are displayed on several displays. Data can also be projected onto the windshield. The largest part of the compact central panel is the 8.0-inch touchscreen display of multimedia and navigation systems. Among other things, it is able to display hydrogen refills on the map. The transmission selector is made in the form of a set of buttons, and next to it is a small parking brake lever.

Compact electric motor develops 177 liters. from. and has a torque of 300 N ∙ m from the first revolution. This car is quite enough and traction is enough to, for example, to overtake on the track. Electricity is produced in fuel cells by the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen. Two hydrogen tanks are enough to drive about 650 km.

By the way, the power plant is very compact: the electric motor and fuel cells together occupy no more space than the petrol V6.


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