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New 2019 Ferrari Portofino Review

. New 2019 Ferrari Portofino Review

New 2019 Ferrari Portofino Review

For a long time the Italian cabriolet Ferrari California was manufactured, at the end of August 2017 the audience saw a receiver – Portofino. The car was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. We do not yet have to say for sure that the car is made on the basis of its predecessor, although this is indicated by the dimensions of the new car.

The front part of the Ferrari Portofino 2019 attracts the most attention due to the huge air intakes, narrow LED headlights and a beautiful aerodynamic bumper. Near the optics there are small compartments, the task of which is to drive the air and draw it through the side openings to the outside, thereby improving aerodynamics even better.

On the side, the smooth lines that connect to the door handles look perfect. Huge grooves and skirts at the bottom, unrealistic wheel arches simply attract the eye to the car. From here you can see the presence of a folding roof with a rigid body, released by the company Webasto.

The shape of the top of the rear part is made so that a small anti-wing is formed, which essentially helps the aerodynamics. In the bottom there is a huge diffuser with built-in 4 nozzles of the exhaust system, which produce an unrealistically steep sound.

Traditionally in the beginning we discuss the seats, there are 4 seats, which is rare for this type of car. In front are excellent leather ladles with excellent lateral support. Adjust the seats to suit themselves or under the driving style – simply, there is an eclectic adjustment in 18 directions. Behind, you can put two people who will be extremely uncomfortable out there because of space.

It’s no secret that the most important thing for Ferrari is the motor. Recently, many manufacturers are trying to reduce the volume, without resorting to a decrease in power. Here is the same story.

Here is installed V8 volume of 3.9 liters from the series F154. Here the system of a flat crankshaft, other pistons and an electronic control unit. The engine received a double turbocharger and a modified exhaust system.


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