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New 2019 Ferrari 458 Speciale Review

. New 2019 Ferrari 458 Speciale Review

New 2019 Ferrari 458 Speciale Review

The company Ferrari continues to increase the limited series of powerful sports cars – a charged convertible Ferrari 458 Speciale, faster and easier previous versions.

According to technical specifications, the new model is almost identical to its predecessor, the impetuous and powerful Ferrari 458.

Exclusive novelty S-class will be produced in a limited series, by special order, as it should be to all collector’s cars.

The sporting character of the Ferrari 458 Speciale 2019 is indicated by its elegant silhouette with active elements of the aerodynamic body kit – fairings, spoilers.

Improved aerodynamics elongated hood and rear bumper of a circular shape.

Today, the convertible is considered the most aerodynamic open car Ferrari.

The new front bumper attracts attention with a huge air intake and additional holes for cooling the engine. Effective cooling contributes and additional holes on the rear bumper.

The three-layer yellow painting of the body with a central strip of yellow-blue, in the color of carbon-fiber plastic, which is trimmed not only by the body, but also by the interior, gives a memorable appearance to the roadster.

Engine V-shaped, 8-cylinder atmosphere. Its power, thanks to the optimized combustion system of the fuel mixture, even without turbo, is quite enough.

Transmission – a 7-band robot, with a double clutch, fires much faster than its predecessor. The novelty shows an impressive appearance, excellent technical characteristics and provides the owner with the highest level of safety. Ferrari 458 Speciale 2019 will look great on city streets, and on a racing track it will not be equal.

If you liked this car, be prepared to pay 252 thousand euros and become its owner.


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