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New 2019 Dodge Durango Review

. New 2019 Dodge Durango Review

New 2019 Dodge Durango Review

It was not so long ago that the automaker from America showed its new model, which managed to bypass Jeep and Chevrolet. The name of this handsome man is Dodge Durango 2018-2019, which has a decent size and significant changes from the previous model.

As the manufacturer claims, the company planned to make a very formidable car. In general, this idea was successfully implemented. But not only is its kind a good car, because there is also a more important factor – the reliability and quality of the car. At the front, the grille on the radiator stands out very stylishly. LED ribbons, which frame the main optics, give special attention to the machine. Well, the round fogs, which fit nicely around the bumper, create a complete picture of the gloss. The bumper itself is made in very impressive forms and is decorated with daring lines.

The rear trim of the car is power and comfort at the same time. A large tailgate, a large glass at the back, which allows the driver to comfortably view everything that happens behind his back. Another brake light is installed in the spoiler itself, which rises from above the boot lid.

The car has as many as three rows of seats. Let’s consider in detail the third. It was designed for people of greater ages, but, to be honest, it will become the child’s favorite place. The materials used in the assembly are simply gorgeous! Of course, to seat the third row of seats, it will take more effort than before the second or the first, but for children it will not be a difficult task. The three-spoke steering wheel is very multi-functional and looks great in the car’s interior.

The basic engine will be considered a six-cylinder petrol engine with a volume of 3.6 liters and with a power of 295 hp.

The most powerful engine HEMI has in the arsenal of eight cylinders. Such an engine will have a volume of 5.7 liters. Only from the engine you can just extract 360 horsepower.

The original cost of the regular version is 28.456 thousand dollars.


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