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New 2019 BMW Z4 Review

. New 2019 BMW Z4 Review
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  •    January 12, 2018
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New 2019 BMW Z4 Review

The public premiere of the new two-seater took place in August this year. The novelty is produced jointly with Toyota, but Japanese attributes are not visible in it.

The exterior perfectly combines almost incompatible things – it’s aggressiveness and elegance. It is not difficult to note that from the sides the car is associated with a shark, which got a novelty from its predecessors.

The salon is made in such a way that one can say with certainty that everything is thought out to the smallest detail, that is, there is a clear and pleasant compatibility of minimalism with presentability. The designer tried and thought out all the subtleties, so driving the BMW Z4 2018-2019 is a pleasure.

For the driver and the passenger are offered comfortable seats. The driver’s seat is trimmed with genuine black leather, for the passenger is offered a seat with leather trim. Of course, traveling on such a car is simply bliss, lack of glasses opens a view of the spatial dimension.

The multifunction dashboard has a color display, the starter button is located next to the gearbox, it is worth noting that the gear lever has a different design. The screen of the multimedia system is placed at an angle, like the control buttons and the scale of the tachometer.

Of course, you can not get all the information about the technical specification today, but still some information has reached. Let’s try to highlight the main details.

The developers promise that at the time the car enters the market, it will have several options:

– Turbocharged engine – sDrive20i and sDrive30i with a power of 252 horsepower;

– M40i with engine power of 340 horsepower;

– Z4 M has a power of 370 hp.

The concept under consideration does not have a roof, but according to the information reached, the car, which will be presented in 2018, will have a soft cloth roof.


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