The post is long-form and includes significant detail about UK number plate law after Brexit as well. With Brexit and Covid, there is significantly more confusion over the laws have changed in 2021

What are the driving rules for green-listed countries?

In case you’re anticipating getting behind the wheel of a car in an area like The Balearic Islands (that implies anywhere from Ibiza to Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera), then you need to be more aware of your plans and the law before embarking onwards.

For example, this means being more than 18 with any kind driver’s license from another European Union member state or Switzerland as well as having verification ID such as National Insurance number cards – all elements needed if using English is not the countries native language.

You might be wondering if your UK Driving License will still work in the EU after Brexit. The answer is yes, as long as you have a paper license instead of one with photographs on it – which means that before traveling abroad for more than 3 months at a time or simply taking short trips outside London (where driving was never an issue), contact local authorities and apply for either international permit (£5). This process takes around two weeks but can also be done online through Post Office websites according to some people’s reports; others say they had no problem getting their cards instantly upon arriving back home early from holiday visits

Do I Need a GB Sticker to Drive in the EU?

If your vehicle is from before Brexit occurred, then yes. However, if it was delivered after we left however and has an “EU” plate on it now or even just for delivery into any country that uses Euro as its currency – you’re good! Technically speaking though there’s no need anymore because those countries have since reinstated their own versions so all British people should do is remove this extra sticker once they arrive at their destination where local authorities can tell by what kind of license plates are being used during entry/exit checkpoints whether these visitors come via ferry linking them directly

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